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At Game 1 Sports wood bats we crafted every bat with quality you deserve. Each individual bat goes through extensive inspection throughout the production of every bat, checking quality from start to finish. With this all said, we do not offer a return policy with used bats. If your Game 1 Sports Wood Bat breaks with very little, contact us immediately. You may choose to have your bat sent in for examination at your own discretion. If, after inspection, it is determine that the wood bat broke due to wood defect or manufacturing defect we will replace the bat to you at no cost. If, however, it is determined that the bat broke for other reasons, as an example if the player is not hitting the bat with the proper grain, no free replacement can be offered. Please note that even the most Superior Performing bats will snap when hit incorrect or continually mistreated. We take tons of pride in coaching hitter’s why wood bats break and how to minimize and/or avert it from happening. If your Game 1 Sports Wood Bat is damaged in transit, contact us ASAP. Please do not use your bat before talking to us. Without immediate response, we cannot take accountability for the problem, so we would not be able to replace it. If your bat you receive does not meet your specifications, please contact us ASAP, before the bat is used. If our invoice does not match what you received, the unused bat must be sent back at our expense. We will replace it with what was ordered and send it back to you.

Game 1 Sports believe in two woods. Northern White Ash and Pennsylvania Maple Billets. Ash is a more flexible bat where maple is a more dense. MLB and the players union have also agreed on six types of wood allowed to be used. Those include the well-known white ash and sugar maple, along with true hickory, yellow birch, red oak and Japanese ash. Red and silver maple are not permitted.

To avoid any unnecessary damage, it is important to properly take care of your bat. Never throw your bat. Dirt and grass can still do damage over time, the repetitive impact can cause chips, cracks or splits which in time can worsen. It is best to avoid storing your bat in excessive heat (garage/basement), moisture or dryness conditions. If your bat does get wet use linseed oil and a soft towel to dry it. After your game wipe your bat with rubbing alcohol to take off excess pine tar, ball marks and dirt to keep the quality of the paint looking beautiful.

We ship via UPS ground or FedEx, orders should reach you within 10 to 15 business days. Below are the shipping rates for inside the U.S. (Excluding Hawaii and Alaska) Please contact us by phone at 909-282-817 or by email at for custom shipping options.

International shipping, this includes Hawaii, Alaska and Canada, is priced according to location and weight of product ordered and you will be contacted before your order is filled. Other shipping methods can be requested at customers expense. Game 1 Sports Professional Bat Company is not responsible for any customs charges or other fees that USPS, UPS orFedEx charges on international orders.

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